Wandandian Creek. NSW
 In the pursuit of happiness, I have managed to both fish and take photographs of several local species and locations. Now the time has come to create a central hub to allow folks easy access to both the articles and photographs gathered.
 The combination of my passion for Photography as well as that of my kayak fishing, should now allow me to create a ‘User Friendly‘ place to visit and gain information in regards to the
kayak fishing scene and to enjoy the photographs.
I hope to also be able to hook this Blog into a forum site that is currently under construction, once completed this will become the main contact point for those who wish to join in the fun.
Some of the features to be contained in this BLOG will be:
  • GPS Marks
  • Species Profiles
  • Methods and Uses
  • Links
  • Tackle Talk
to name but a few.
As said this will then be linked to the BABKF Forum Boards once completed.
There will also be a few photographs of local waterways for your enjoyment.
Below are a couple of samples.
Wandy Whiting

Wandy Whiting

Sunset over the Basin

Sunset over the Basin

Danjera Dam

Danjera Dam

Your Cast!

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